Jailer's Office Bonds

Bonds being posted shall be posted at the Livingston County Justice Center. Bonds being posted after normal business hours can be posted at McCracken County Jail.

ROR Bond or OR Bonds - Return own recognizance. This bond requires an individual to sign stating they will return on their appointed court date.

Surety Bond - A surety bond requires someone of the Judges choosing to sign, most commonly a spouse or parent, but does not require any money at the time of release other than the jail fees; however, the bond does state a monetary amount and the signer assumes that burden if the court date is missed.

Unsecured Bond - Has a monetary amount assigned to it but does not require money at the time of release. This bond is much like a Surety Bond but can be signed by the person being released. Jail fees are to be paid.
Cash Bond - has a monetary amount that must be paid in full along with the jail fees before being released.

Partially Secured - Has a monetary value and a percentage of that must be paid before release. The total amount and the percentage to be paid are both set by the Judge issuing the bond.

Property Bond - This type of bond has a monetary value and is allowed to be secured through the use of property and or Stocks, Bonds. This can only be done at the Justice Center. The judge is the only one that can authorize a property bond.

Supplement Conditions - The judge can add conditions to any bond. During the time the bond is in effect the person under the bond will need to abide by the conditions and the person signing as a surety can be held responsible to make sure the person abides by the conditions or less the bond money posted.

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