Library Patron Code of Conduct
All persons have free access to the Livingston County Public Library during the hours it is open and the right to the reasonable use of its facilities and services. It is the policy of the library to maintain a safe facility, free from any threat of physical violence, emotional abuse, or any form of intimidation. All patrons are required to comply with these rules and regulations.

The following rules and regulations will apply:
  • Patrons must show respect for other library users and staff at all times.
  • Loud, unreasonable, and/or disturbing noises created by persons, electronic devices, or cell phones are prohibited. Cell phones may be used outside the library facility.
  • Sleeping or putting one's head, feet, or legs on the furniture is prohibited.
  • Moving furniture without library approval is prohibited.
  • Consumption of food and/or beverages is prohibited in the main area of the library.
  • Smoking or other uses of any type of tobacco is prohibited.
  • Possessing or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time is prohibited.
  • Shoes and shirts are required at all times while using the library.
  • No animals are permitted, except those assisting patrons with disabilities.
  • Selling and/or soliciting for services, money, or items is not permitted.
  • No weapons of any type are permitted in the library.
  • Any behavior that is disruptive to other library patrons is prohibited, including vulgar gestures.
  • No one shall engage in disorderly conduct, fighting or challenging another to fight or use obscene/offensive words that might provoke violence from another patron.
  • No one shall intentionally damage, destroy, or remove any library property, or another patron's property from the premises.
  • No one shall congregate around entrances and/or exits to the library.
  • The children's area of the library is for the exclusive use of parents/guardians and their children or adults.
  • All children under 10 years of age shall be in the care of and attended by a responsible person over 18 years of age.
  • No one shall leave a child or young adult (up to 18) at the library after closing hours.
Individuals who fail to adhere to the library's guidelines may be asked to leave the library. The library may take appropriate legal measures to enforce appropriate behavior to prevent access to individuals who refuse to comply.
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